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This is my new journal that I'm hoping to keep with some anonimity. My vanity needs to be dealt with. I need to get to a point that I can be satisfied with how I look because I know I'll never be content with who I am.

I'm so tired today. I just can't stand to be awake but I'm supposed to clean up my room, it's not nice living in a place that looks like a hurricane happened to it. It's bad enough that I'm not happy with myself, so at least I should create a living environment that I can be somewhat content with. That's what I should be doing now but I don't feel like it at all.


Hey this is Kelly the mod over at bleed_me_skinny welcome to the community, please feel free to cross post entries from where ever to the community, any kind of pictures are welcome. Please be a comment and post whore :P we need to get the community up off its ass again lol.

Please tell us a little about yourself when you do make your first post to the community…just so people know you a little more and everyone can share. There are 3 forms in the user info that you might want to use…if you already filled one out for me and posted it you can just repost that.
♠ Kelly

November 2007

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